Training & Consultancy in small unit investments

Our Training and Consultancy department is built on our own experiences as private investors. The approach taken is based on the principles of a prominent businessman and author, and a legendary real estate mentor. We took their concepts and translated them for the Belgian market. Our training and consultancy offers a clear and certain path to achieving low interest rates on your savings books. This initial training course also teaches future investors that owning a house is always an asset, as well as demonstrating how the competency of employees can be categorized into four quadrants. In addition, we learn what each phase entails, step by step. We can guide you through the process and use our expertise to offer suggestions based on your specific needs. The training lasts about four hours, and is filled with highly practical content. We offer participants the chance to follow training courses tailored to their requirements. Afterwards, we offer you the opportunity to attend a tailor-made follow-up course.